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COVID-19 Working From Home

Start With The End In Mind


We know you are being bombarded with Convid-19 articles so we only try sending useful information relevant to the survival and recovery of your business and your own well-being.

That said, the State Governments are making no concessions on workplace health and safety laws and regulations and expect business owners fully comply with WH&S whether they are operating at the normal workplace or working in isolation from home. Consequently we all have an obligation to ensure our team members and ourselves are safe and working safely from home. This could become even more urgent if the various governments start ramping up to stage 3 lockdown rules similar to that currently happening in New Zealand.

To help get our remote WH&S in order we have attached a checklist supplied by one of our business subscription providers, Business Fitness.

 We would urge you utilise this resource and complete the checklist if it applies to your workforce.  And remember, mental health is just as important as physical well-being so don’t forget to ask “ARE YOU OK?”

As always if you need any assistance please contact us at MyAccountants