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Buy or Sell a Business

Start With The End In Mind

As business owners we will at some stage buy (or start up) a business and we will eventually sell a business at least once in our lives, maybe many times. Call it business broking if you like. 

MyAccountants will tailor your needs to buy or start up that business, including:

  • Identifying potential target businesses or markets
  • Conduct initial assessments and financial viability reviews on the business
  • Conduct full Due Diligence reviews for the business purchase
  • Guide you through our detailed “Business Start Up” checklists and planning tools
  • Provide the financial management guidance to steer the business onto financial success

If you are thinking about selling your business, MyAccountants will conduct services to ensure you obtain the value you should expect from a well-managed and successful business, including:

  • Using our detailed checklists and tools to prepare the business for sale
  • Provide our “Ready for Sale” program
  • Incorporate the Succession Planning or structured Exit Strategies to achieve the result you desire

ALWAYS plan well ahead to buy, sell or start-up. Contact MyAccountants for advice on your planning process to achieve the best result and project your professional life into new realms of success.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffet